Windmill Renovation

Dear Keith,

Too many moons have past since the windmill at Lawnfield started turning atop the magnificent renovation job your company and employees did to replace the old one.

I neither have the time nor the memory to relate to you and your employees the many glowing remarks that have been uttered by many of those who have visited Lawnfield since the opening. Furthermore, I don’t want you all to pop your buttons!

The day the foundation or I should say the southwest corner of the pump house collapsed, I was really wondering whether it would all come together. John Miller and his crew did yeoman’s work getting a new foundation down and the stone work back in place.

Randy, Rick, Mick, Tom and John were also involved, however their great contribution in the total effort was the Tower and the ingenious process they took to make it all happen. Watching those four walls go up was a real thrill and I am glad that we have it all on tape.

Those members of the family present at the Dedication who remembered the old tower that Lucretia built following the death of the President were not only impressed but thought the workmanship was superb!

Sorry this has taken so long but I wanted to wait until St. Hubert’s was done. What a wonderful and skillfully crafted job Bill and his crew did. The stabilization of the building and matching of the wood in the addition to the Chapel was a real work of art.

Congratulations and thank you for jobs well done!

Sincerely yours,
James R. Garfield II
The Western Reserve Historical Society
James A. Garfield National Historic Site, “Lawnfield”