Residential Remodel

Dear Keith, Bill Tuscano, Ryan Ailes, John Mauer, Jim, Constantine, Sam and his helpers, Kurt, Ray, Jessica, Hannah, Terry, Greg, Ed and Jay, Don, Hank, Roger, Crist and Merlin, David and his assistant on the rooftop, the demo specialists and Middlefield Glass shower team! (Forgive me, if I have forgotten some names!)

Thank you each and every one of you for contributing your considerable talents, expertise and fine skills to this project of kitchen, bathroom and more! I am so impressed with this beautiful kitchen -at last with its Beacon Oak wood table and countertops and a very attractive and functional bathroom upstairs! It was an amazing experience to witness the transformations of both kitchen and bathroom into these well-crafted and functional spaces.

Many thanks and more!

Continue to be well!

Lucy Chamberlain

P.S. The turkeys are missing you all!