Excellent Service

It is a great honor and privilege to have a Residence Artists signature in our home. All the beauty you have brought into our spaces through the years is astounding and seemingly everlasting. Without hyperbole, I give thanks for our kitchen every day of the 22 years since it was completed. I continue to enjoy the very details that were labored over in the process, especially the skylight that brought light into our dark kitchen. This month you have once again offered us your exquisite talents to add unexpectedly profound beauty to our house, breaking forth light and warmth into our dark corners.

The visible beauty and exquisite RA workmanship in the form and function of our new windows is noteworthy in itself, but above all, the respect and professionalism, of each individual to us and our home truly evokes humbling gratitude. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for us last week, efficiently and perfectly and also completed in time for Christmas. The trustworthy work ethic of all the rightly-called artists, Mark, John, Bob, Chris and Jonah were exemplary in all they accomplished, and deserving of recognition. Thank you for every detail of your leadership, teamwork and workmanship to gift us with a well completed window project.

With sincere gratitude, may God bless you for all you do so well, and may this Christmas truly be a season of Light and Joy for you and yours.

Edward and Cathy Cup