Residential Remodel

Dear Bill –

Mrs. Meister and I want to thank you for the great attention to detail and unfailing good humor you showed in leading the construction of our new bedroom addition.

Ground was broken on Monday, March 31st, and we are spending our first night in our first floor addition on Thursday, July 3rd. To get all the many details of this job coordinated and completed – from rough framing to interior detail – in three months time is a record performance.

You are the earliest I have ever seen! Getting an early start each day is a good start, and good starts make good finishes. The new wing is a unique and beautiful addition to our house, from the cupola with its remotely activated windows to the natural stone flagging on the porch. We owe you a big vote of thanks for your enthusiasm in putting this all together.

We have done a lot of building over the years from renovating a cow barn into a residence, to our office building of 30,000 square feet, and it has been a high point working with you.

You put in long hours daily and on weekends and drove this job to get it done early on. With Mrs. Meister’s unfortunate accident, we had a lot to contend with and your consideration and attention were a great help at a most difficult time and played an important part in her recovery, we are sure.

I think we will miss you around here! We hope you and Mrs. Klingemier have a wonderful vacation.

Sincerely and with warmest regards,
Dick Meister